Upcoming Events;

Mini Beast Hunt; Search the reserve for the beasts that roam in the leaf litter. Hire a bug hunting kit and guide from the conservation centre and use them to help you capture and identify the mini beasts you find around the reserve! There will also be bug themed arts and crafts in the conservation class room. £1 per bug hunting kit. To book please contact To pay, please bring cash on the day. 
Once you have captured a bug please release it back to where you found it and put any logs or leaf litter back to their original positions. This event will be re-scheduled for later this year.

Children Bird Watching Day; Bring the kids to learn about birds that live in the woodland. You will get a sticker book to fill in, there will be an educational song birds tape on in the conservation classroom and lots of bird themed arts and crafts to do. We also have a select number of children’s binoculars, but these are very limited in number! £2 per child (this includes a sticker book and access the arts and crafts). No Need to book! This event will be scheduled again for later this year.

Nordic Walking; Parndon wood has welcomed the Nordic walkers from Naturally attuned in 2018 please visit for dates and more information.

Animal Tracking day; Hunt through the reserve to see what footprints, animal signs and nests you can discover. You will be given a guide by our warden and the conservation room will be full of information on the tracks and signs you might find in this country and all over the world. Hire a full tracking kit (spotter sheet, binoculars, mini magnifying glass) for only £3 and spend the day looking for evidence of our woodland creatures! No need to book. This event will take place again in the next year. 

Glorious Garden Birds; Come and explore the amazing world of garden birds. Take a field guide and some binoculars to one of our hides and try and spot one of the many species of garden birds we have are at the woods. You can also come into the centre and make a fat ball for our feathered friends or a mesh bird feeder to hang up in your garden. There will also be lots of bird themed colouring in to do. Free Entry, but activities start at £1. This event will be scheduled again for later in the year.

Friday Night Bat Walks for 2019;  Learn about the different bat species at the reserve with an expert talk from the Essex Bat Group. Use a bat detector on a guided walk around the reserve to discover the different species and tune into their calls. Friday night bat walks in 2019 will be on the  31st May,  21st June,  19th July  and  16th August from 8pm to 10pm. There is a small fee of £3 for children and £4 for adults. Booking is essential so please contact or call the reserve on 01279 430005 to book in advance.

Bat flight cage 1 on 1’s; If you have been inspired by the great work of your local bat groups or the plight of the UK’s bat species, you can take this opportunity to get some 1 on 1 experience with some recuperating bats. You will learn what to do if you find an injured bat and how to care for it if you become a volunteer bat ambulance driver or carer. This 1 on 1 experience offers you the chance to see bats being rehabilitated in a flight cage and a chance to talk to some experts from the essex bat group. This is a new and ongoing event and is subject to the availability of our expert bat carer’s. Please email to register your interest and check our availability. £10 for one or £15 for a two. Two at a time is the maximum capacity. Please note you must have a keen interest in bats as you will be required to sit still for an extended period and stay quiet as you will be near live wild animals. 

This calendar will be updated regularly to add more events and to give greater detail. Events will also be posted on all of our social media sites (FB ), so please follow us for all our event news and updates. For more information on events please contact centre manager Ezra on 07802237440

PLEASE NOTE – More information on events, how to book, prices etc can be found on our facebook closer to the time of the event.

For more information on upcoming events please contact us directly at or call on 07807458480.